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Development with sustainability in mind

For Izoelektro sustainability represents meeting the consumer electricity demands without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own demands. We are accomplishing this by reorganizing our product portfolio with tendency to responsible consumption and production, offering high quality working conditions and in general making our products better to assure more reliable electrical system…
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Accelerometer sensor for perfect up-right posture

RAM-1 device uses has a built-in accelerometer sensor for device’s inclination status indication which serves to alert false installation or any physical damages during device’s lifetime. Furthermore, with proper use also the status on high constructions (power grid pylons, wind turbines, railway grid, telecommunication gateways, skyscrapers, high chimneys, cranes, …) inclination can be assessed as…
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Development of basic program routines for a microcontroller

Basic program routines have been developed for the microcontroller to be installed in the device: Door initialization Power management for the analog part Signal capture on AD converter (temperature and leakage current) Save the signal in the internal memory FFT Synthesization of auxiliary signals Basic mathematical operations between signals

Development of a new method

Development of a new method for eliminating the resistive component of leakage current Based on the collected information and data obtained through measurements, we developed a new method for eliminating the resistance component of the leakage current. We made a simulation of the method with the software tool LabView and compared the results with the…
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Implementation of Modified method

Implementation of Modified method with phase shift of current in simulation We created a simulation with the LabView software tool for the selected method. In the first phase, the efficiency of the simulated signal method was tested, where the amplitude and phase of the higher harmonic components of the signal can be continued. In this…
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