Month: October 2020

Digital future

Digital is already a matter of the present and much more a matter of the future. Digital technologies are crucial for the EU to become climate neutral by 2050, the goal set in the European Green Deal. The digital transition should work for all, putting people first and opening new opportunities for business. Digital solutions…
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Supporting greener future

As an established power line equipment supplier, we would like to contribute to green energy as much as possible in the years to come, therefore we have been for several years developing products which reduce the carbon footprint of the energy supplied to the end user. RAM-1 smart IoT device helps to achieve exactly this…
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Green, Digital, Sustainable – European Union guidelines for future

With development of RAM-1 we strictly followed European Union guidelines for future. Green, Digital, Sustainable. The entire development of the RAM-1 device followed these guidelines and we were able to implement them in full. Such technologies are crucial for the EU and also for the whole World to become climate neutral. We are convinced that…
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