Go smart with Institute IRNAS

Go smart with Institute IRNAS

Our first version of the device RAM-1 did not fully cover what our customers wanted. They wanted a device capable of more advanced communication and with long-lasting performance on the field. That is why we decided to cooperate with the Institute IRNAS.

We met the Institute IRNAS in 2018, when they needed some services from our high-voltage laboratory. This was the first step in getting to know the activities and persons of the companies and the basis for cooperation.

During this time, we had the RAM-1 project in the final phase of development – TRL 8. We presented our views on the completion of the project. IRNAS closed the case perfectly. Using the latest low-energy technology in the field of telecommunications, they upgraded the functionality of the RAM-1 device.

With following the global future trends, we made the device that also enables machine learning. Together with IRNAS we completed the development project at the end of 2020, but we find that the device can perform much more than the current capability. We must now pull out the full potential of the device and especially the ability of machine learning. Cooperation with the IRNAS Institute continues…

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