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First installation on 110 kV tower

On July 29th, 2020 installation of 6 RAM-1 devices was performed for Elektro Gorenjska:Location 1: Železniki – Bohinj, Elektro Gorenjska System: 110 kV transmission line, Surge arresters: Uc = 86kV, IEC class 3, Number of devices: 3. Location 2: Soriška planina, Elektro Gorenjska System: 20 kV distribution line; Surge arresters: Uc = 24 kV, IEC…
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Surge counter, first of many additional features

RAM-1 device was upgraded with its first additional feature, the surge counter. The device will be enabled with overcurrent events detection which is commercially known as the surge counter. Combined with location information the system can serve as a powerline lightning strike locator. Measuring range suitable for field operation is determined to be from 1…
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First installation in the field

On November 29, 2019, we performed the first installation of the prototype device RAM-1 in the field: Location: Uršlja Gora, Elektro Celje System: 20 kV transmission line; transition from overhead line to cable line Surge arresters: Ur = 30 kV, class DH Test device settings: connectivity 2G measurement setting the measurement period in seconds: 3600…
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