Bluetooth low-energy interface (BLE)

Bluetooth low-energy interface (BLE)

In addition to NB-IoT connectivity we implemented BLE as well. Each user can connect directly to the RAM-1 device via the Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless communication from a smartphone. When in range of the device, press scan and select the RAM device from the list. Upon successful connection RAM-1 replies with the latest information and status as shown in the image below.

The user experience through Bluetooth interface is defined as the support process to manage the device in testing and deployment process as well as in the offline use-case scenario.Features:

  • Read latest status and measurement,
  • Configure the device (operation, network settings…),
  • Secure exchange of information and data,
  • Direct device to cloud communications via Bluetooth,
  • Firmware upgrade of the device (nRF52 BLE and nRF9160),
  • Full offline-mode device management.

BLE scanning

BLE scanning is implemented in a manner that it searches for devices named “iz******”, where the * represents the last 6 characters of the device ID and the iz character identifies the device. Then a connection can be initiated, however keep in mind that devices advertise at 5s interval and thus a suitable retry method in connectivity is required.

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