Antenna tuning for LTE and LoraWan

Antenna tuning for LTE and LoraWan

The device has been sent to Antenova to perform tuning of the mobile antenna. The testing has been conducted and results are available for integration into the design. Required changes are changes to the antenna tuning component values only, no layout changes required. Performance improvement test with tuning Following measurements are before tuning and after tuning.

  • Before:
    • LoraWan: around -43, -45, -47 LTE: around 37, 41, 45
  • After:
    • LoraWan: around -81, -83, (other device got -72) LTE: mostly 52,5, max 55, dropped once to 40 (other device got 60 as well)

The antenna performance is optimal for the required bands for the current device setup. Antenna efficiency, gain and radiation pattern were also provided in this report. Given the environment, the average efficiencies are:

  • 698-960MHz : 28%.
  • 1710-2170MHz : 26%
  • 2300-2400MHz : 14%
  • 2500-2690MHz : 37%

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