UsageRemote monitoring and advanced analysis of power grids and surge arresters above 1 kV
Arrester measurementResistive component, 0 … 3 mA (± 10%)
Standard for basic measurementIEC 60099-5 (measurement of the resistive component of surge arresters leakage current)
Other measurementsFault, surge counter, device and ambient temperature, inclination, location
Frequency48 Hz … 62 Hz
Temperature range-40 °C … + 85 °C
Ingress protection IPIP 67
User interfaceWeb, app, e-mail
Measuring cycle1 hour
Communication cycle– All significant faults – immediate (fire, destruction of the arrester, exceeding the recommended measurements)
– UDP package for all other measurements – once a day (with default settings)
– MQTT package for all other measurements – once per week (with default settings
Communication4G/5G (NB-IoT or LTE-M required), LoRaWAN or Bluetooth
Battery AutonomyUp to 20 years
Housing materialThermoplastic V-0 (UL 94), stainless steel A2 ili A4
InstalationOn the earthing side of surge arrester or on the upper third of the transmission line pole
MaintenanceWithout maintenance, without mobile communication costs

Before ordering please check:
1. 4G and 5G networks:
     • Signal on installation point,
     • Signal configuration on installation point.
Installed e-sim allows use of RAM-1 device in the following countries: List of countries.pdf

2. LoRaWAN network:
     • Fill out questionnaire (Questionnaire.pdf), which will be attached to quotation.
Please fill out the questionnaire and send it to us prior to order.


It can be found on the back side of the packaging (Installation guide.pdf). The RAM-1 device must be installed on the grounding side of the surge arrester. There must not be a direct connection between the grounding side of the surge arrester and the RAM-1 device without and intermediate grounding. The metal plate of the RAM-1 device must be turned towards the grounding point. If the device is installed incorrectly it will not work properly. The installation guide for the installation on poles/towers are not necessary. The device must be installed in the top third of the pole/tower.