• Test installation of three pcs. for six months with the acceptance of the general terms,
     • Translation of text in program,
     • Installation in enclosers,
     • Installation on cable terminals with surge arrester.

1. Client can receive up to three RAM-1 devices free of charge which have to be installed in at least 30 days after receiving goods. Included in the free package is also the RAM-1 program package allowing the user to monitor the devices. The free package is available after acceptance of the general terms.

2. All data in the program is in Slovenian or English. At the request of the client it can be translated in to different languages.

3. The RAM-1 device can be installed in transformer station. Prior to installation the strength of the 4G and 5G networks must be tested. In case there is no network a Gateway must be installed to transfer the data from the device to the network, which depends on the terrain and network strength. All solutions are custom.

4. The same problem as installations in enclosers might occur when installing the RAM-1 device on cable terminals with surge arrester. If the network strength is sufficient no additional modification is needed. In case of insufficient network strength see precious paragraph.