Device RAM-1 – project matrix

In 2017, we obtained a development subsidy of the RAM-1 device in an EU tender. Only with the help of the obtained funds were we able to undertake the development of the newly conceived product. Project matrix:

Device ISOP R – measurements

Measurements of the resistive component of the leakage current are based on the analysis of the third harmonic component of the total leakage current. Leakage current is measured using a current transformer. The sensor periodically wakes up and performs measurements and analysis of currents. It compares the results with the pre-set values and in case…
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Device ISOP R – requirements

The remote status indicator ISOP-R for surge arresters must fulfill the following requirements: Accurately isolate and measure the resistive component of the leakage current flowing through the grounding conductor, Process the information and transmit it wirelessly to control centers using a GSM modem, Autonomous operation of the status indicator of metal oxide surge arresters will…
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Device ISOP R – GSM modem

On the previous basis, we decided to continue development of a new device called ISOP R. The new ISOP R product is a continuation of the development of ISOP M with a mechanical indicator. ISOP R uses the same sensor design as ISOP M, a toroidal transformer for signal acquisition and electronics for analyzing and…
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Device ISOP M – mechanical indicator

The beginnings of the RAM-1 device date back to 2014. As a manufacturer of surge arresters, the problem of efficiently determining the condition of surge arresters in the electrical distribution and transmission networks is well known to us. Therefore we decided to develop a device that immediately indicates the degradation of the built-in arrester in…
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