Category: Development

Implementation of Modified method

Implementation of Modified method with phase shift of current in simulation We created a simulation with the LabView software tool for the selected method. In the first phase, the efficiency of the simulated signal method was tested, where the amplitude and phase of the higher harmonic components of the signal can be continued. In this…
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Analysis and selection of methods

Analysis and selection of methods for elimination of leakage current resistance component. The methods listed in IEC 60099 in Annex D were analyzed. We also reviewed some articles and research in this area: Novizon, Zulkurnain Abdul-Malek, Nouruddeen Bashir, Aulia: Condition Monitoring of Zinc Oxide Surge Arresters Yu-ting Xu, Xiao-hua Yuan, Ya-li Mo, Guo-tai Dong, De-cheng…
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Device ISOP M – mechanical indicator

The beginnings of the RAM-1 device date back to 2014. As a manufacturer of surge arresters, the problem of efficiently determining the condition of surge arresters in the electrical distribution and transmission networks is well known to us. Therefore we decided to develop a device that immediately indicates the degradation of the built-in arrester in…
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